National, social, cultural and personal identities are constantly shifting and developing in the 21st century.

This shifting is a product of specific geo-political events (such as Brexit), of fundamental cultural shifts, of global conflict, and of the development of technologies and new media which challenge notions of self.  The importance of knowledge of the past, of our heritage, in understanding our identity cannot be underestimated; however, equally important are finding ways to shape the culture of the future - how do we reflect and express our identities, and how do we safeguard our ability to express and protect our identities in our ever-changing world.

Yet, there remains a fundamental lack of diversity in many walks of life, nationally and globally, as old and new identities remain marginalised. The challenge to increase diversity is a significant one and requires a thorough understanding of the fundamental problems but also the development of inclusive practices that can begin to address these problems.

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